We handle every stage of an energy or infrastructure project, both greenfield and brownfield, from bidding, development, financing, construction, ownership, to investment in and operation of such assets. Our sector expertise and local knowledge ensure we can assist effectively across the asset lifecycle.


The energy sector is at the centre of profound change driven by the urgent need to address climate change and geopolitics. This is creating both opportunity and challenges for investments in solar, onshore and offshore wind, biomass, biofuels, waste-to-energy, geothermal, and carbon capture. Hydrogen offers a realistic medium-term prospect for decarbonizing energy, industry, construction, and transportation.

Developing technologies that use solar, wind and other renewable technologies to produce green hydrogen for large scale energy transportation, storage and consumption hold real promise for moving away from fossil fuels.

Policy and regulatory changes have paved the way for rapidly increasing amounts of capital to be allocated to renewable energy and decarbonisation projects – a paradigm shift for the entire energy sector is in progress.

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Transport is essential to everyday life providing connectivity to those that use it. The urgent need to address climate change is also revolutionising this sector. Rapidly evolving battery technology and hydrogen fuel cells are set to play ever increasing roles in passenger mobility and freight.

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The rail sector has seen significant change over recent years. This includes substantial government investment in all manner of rail projects and the further liberalisation of German regional rail (SPNV).

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Road building and maintenance is vital for the continued wellbeing of all types of economies. Challenges include the year-on-year increases in traffic, the drive for reduced carbonisation, and low or declining government revenues, road pricing is increasingly becoming an issue.

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The ports industry and shipping play fundamental roles in international trade. Global growth has been impacted by the financial crisis, recent geopolitical realignment, onshoring, and supply bottlenecks. These have all buffeted ports and shipping and led to volatile charter and fuel costs as well as fluctuating shipping volumes.

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The aviation sector continues to face a number of challenges. Increased competition, overcapacity, security concerns, pandemic related measures, climate-related pressures and rising jet fuel costs plus the increasing consolidation of airlines. Nevertheless the sector continues to demonstrate its resilience and a recovery of sorts is underway.

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Digital Infrastructure

Since the onset of the pandemic there has been a significant increase in the interest in connectivity infrastructure as part of the broader asset class. This is underpinned by the exponential growth in data use and decentralised storage; traditional telecom players monetising their network infrastructure; and the ever-increasing flow of capital into funds who are looking for new opportunities with typical infrastructure characteristics.

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Social Infrastructure

There has in recent years been an increase in investor focus on public facility assets for social purposes in recognition of the demand for and stable returns such assets can provide.

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Real Estate

Real estate deals are becoming ever more complex. Increasingly they are cross border, structured and involve sophisticated financing arrangements. We can handle all manner and stages of real estate transactions across most product lines.

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